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Peggy Rowe-Snyder Presents "Lessons in Tatting"

My Offer to You!

As you can see the whole book is here on line. However do to byte limitations of this website server the quality of the scans are very compromised. 

If you'd like to "own" this book. You can purchase it on CD-Rom. 

These are high quality scans in two formats (TIFF @150DPI and GIF @150 DPI) so that you can use them and print them as you see fit.

I am not trying to make a profit here, instead I am trying to just cover my expenses. I am a regular person just like you.  So, I'll price this at $10.00.  For now that will include shipping and handling.

If you'd like to have your own copy send $10.00 to:

Peggy Rowe-Snyder
169 Susan Street   
Myrtle Creek, Oregon 97457
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