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Peggy Rowe-Snyder Presents "Lessons in Tatting"

My Genealogy


List of Surnames

     My genealogy is very interesting at least to me.  I want you to know that I've come to the conclusion that everyone's genealogy is just as interesting as mine!  After all, you must have as many great-great-great-great grandparents as I do!

       I will list my surnames in just a few words.  But, I wanted to tell you what I have in my heritage... my  good white girl heritage!!!!  I am descended from voyagers from Holland, one person was Richard Warren, and Englishman who moved to Holland to avoid religious persecution. Richard Warren came over on the Mayflower.  Another person who came over from Holland was Edward Bompasse, another Pilgrim who came over in the second shipload of people.  He came over in 1621 on the Fortune. That was from my paternal side of the family.  From my maternal side, Dutch from Holland emigrated to the new land and started part of what is now known as New York.  Back then it was known as New Amsterdam.  These people came from Etten, Holland. Once they came to America their surname stood for the town they came from. And over the years the name was transformed from Etten to VanEtten to VanAtta.  My great-great-great grandparents, Gearshum & Caroline Palmer Vanatta came to Oregon from Illinois in 1852 in a covered wagon over the Oregon Trail.  They settled first in Linn County.  There my great great grandmother Mary Vanatta married Esalum Hall.  Gearshum helped to found the town of Brush Prairie in Washington.  Back to my paternal side, my great-great-great grandparents Alden B. Rowe and wife Vesta Victoria Williams Rowe packed themselves and their children into a covered wagon and traveled from Maine to California in 1865.  This was after Alden had served in the Civil War and got himself an injury.  The headed to California towards the end of the gold rush. Alden made his living working in lumber mills as a laborer.  So did any sons who were old enough to work.  They moved from Placerville, to Red Bluff, and then to Eureka.  Finally, they headed north to Oregon and settled in Eugene.  Today Alden and Vesta are buried next to the University of Oregon, one of the many pioneering citizens of that town, and the home they built still stands. 

      In my line there are Germans, English, Dutch, and Danish just to start.  There are judges, cowboys, soldiers, and mothers (single and wedded!).  There are thieves, murderers, immigrants and emigrants! Everything that could be anything to help make my countries history come alive.  My ancestors have been involved with the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and probably a fair amount of Civil Unrest! 

       I could go on and on, the stories fascinate me, give me an idea of who I come from, and what I am made of.  I descend from a lot of farmers.   A lot of hard workers.  Good people and Bad.  Each one handed down his or her legacy to me in what has become a multi-faceted heritage.   This heritage I will continue to explore so that I can hand down the legacy to my children and grandchildren.

      Most of my genealogy is on my personal computer.  At this point I have collected so much data (that is NOT filed properly) that you'll just have to email me to get the complete story.  But, there is a fair amount on my personal website at

      Please feel free to stop by and visit.  Below are my surnames, these are links, and will take you to the aforementioned website.  Thanks for reading this far and humoring me so much. 
XOXOXO,  Peggy Rowe-Snyder


Aikens | Arbuckle |Barton
Bland | Brown | Clapp | Coop
Cromwell | Eskkelson | Esheston
Elsselson | Hall | Hemenway | Hinkley
Hull | Jones | McClaskey | Munden
Murphy/Murphey |Nelson/Neilson
Palmer | Parsons | Pedigo | Rowe | Shatto
Stone | Stuart | Vanatta
VanZandt | Williams | York

and just like in your own family history,
too many more to list...


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